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We adapt to the needs of our customers, externally fulfilling the needs of the Department of Occupational Safety and Health, complying with all legal requirements, maintaining a regular communication with all the levels of the organization, minimizing losses to individuals, teams and processes, generating an added value to the management.

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Advice on Occupational Health and Safety

● Creating a Prevention Culture in your Industry.
● Accidents reduce Management.
● Investigation of accidents.
● Actions to clear the Res 559 - High accident.
● Development of Evacuation Plans.
● Emergency Plans - You Are Here.
● Emergency Drills.
● Management System according to OHSAS 18001.
● Safe Schools.
● Audits on Occupational Safety and Health.
● Emergency Brigade Training.
● Making affidavit 463/2009.
● Health Risks Maps.
● Risk Assessment - Public Events.
● Delivery of EPP according Res 299/2011.
● Occupational Safety Full time or Part time.

● Health and Safety Services.
● Security programs approved by ART.
● Legal audit for Occupational Safety area.
● Technical inspections for insurance companies.
● Noise pollution Measurements.
● Noise pollution Dosimetry.
● Measurements of Thermal Comfort Cold-Heat.
● Lighting Maps.
● Fire Load Studies.
● Ergonomic Studies.
● Air Renewal Studies.
● Grounding measurements.
● Devices under pressure (OPDS / GCBA).
● Affidavit of carcinogens.
● Occupational health.
● Doctors in Plant.

Quality and Food Safety

● Comprehensive advice on ISO 9001, ISO 22000,FSSC 22000, PAS 220.
● Implementation of HACCP system.
● General Consulting Service.
● Manufacturing practices, advice, training, audits, improvement plans.
● Training for hierarchical and operational staff.
● Development of management systems, procedures, handbooks.
● Internal Audits and diagnostics.
● Regulatory Framework.


● Ergonomics Studies according Res 295/2003.
● Identification and evaluation of musculoskeletal trauma.
● Development of Active Breaks.
● Streching Specific Exercises.
● Ergonomics Handbook.
● Reduction of Accidents and Occupational Diseases.
● Cargo Handling Training.


Reports on Measures

● Lighting Measurements.
● Lighting Map.
● Measurement of Thermal Comfort.
● Dosimetry of material.
● Devices under pressure.
● Boilers - Life Extension.
● Registration of Pressure Equipment.
● Grounding Measurement.
● Conductivity Measurement.
● Pink Noise Measurement.

● Noise pollution measurement Law 1540.
● Acoustic Impact Registration.
● Noise pollution measurement Law 4062.
● Calculation of Air Renewal.
● Analysis of Drinking Water.
● Analysis of Industrial Effluents.
● Evacuation Plans.
● Mechanical Drawings.
● Electric Drawings.
● Use Plans.

Manufacture of Handbooks

● Ergonomic Studies Handbook.
● Emergency Handbook.
● Crisis Management Handbook.

● Procedure Handbook.
● Management Handbook.



● SYSO – OHSAS 18001 Training.
● ISO 14001 Environmental Management Training.
● Supervisors and Managers Training.
● Preparing of Emergency Brigades.
● MSDS IRAM 41400 – Etiq. 41401.
● Ergonomics courses.
● Active Breaks exercise techniques.
● Prevention of Work at heights.
● Work in confined spaces.
● Behavior Based Safety.
● Environmental fines and closures.
● Training in confined spaces.
● Theory of Fire.

● Fire practices.
● Transport of trauma patients.
● Immobilization/Packaging of victims.
● CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).
● Control of bleeding.
● Risk Identification.
● Planned inspections.
● Health and Safety Campaigns.
● Emergency Plan.
● Handling Forklifts and electric Lifts.
● Handling machines at heights.
● Hands Protection.
● Hearing protection.


Advice on Environmental Care
We focus on the implementation of an environmental management system that allows us to identify and address environmental issues and develop a work plan for the short, medium and long term in order to take an appropriate environmental management, segregating and reducing the generation of waste in the place, monitoring the proper discharge of liquid effluents, ensuring the monitoring of gaseous emissions to the environment and complying with applicable legal requirements.

● Environmental Impact Studies.
● Implementation of ISO 14001 Management System.
● Study of Environmental Liabilities.
● Permits of Gaseous Emissions Discharge.
● Gas Emissions Environmental Renewal.
● INA DDJJ 674 of Effluents Dumps.
● Measurements of environmental contaminants.
● Administrative resources or environmental lawsuits.
● Legal Appeals.
● Noise pollution measurements according to Law 1540.
● Noise pollution measurements according to Law 4062.
● Registration as a generator of special waste.
● Registration as a generator of hazardous waste.

● National Registration as Waste Generator.
● Soil Analysis.
● Audit of traceability of Waste Incineration.
● Environmental Audits.
● Environmental Management.
● Industrial Waste Management.
● Hazardous Materials Management.
● Pathological Waste Management.
● Sustainable Production.
● Clean Production.
● Lean Manufacture - Energy saving.
● Rain, industrial and sewage Plans.
● Permits of liquid effluents.
● Carbon Footprint.



● Research on working conditions and plant health.
● Application surveys - Quality/Work Environment.
● Occupational Health Based on the evidence.
● Behavior Based Safety.
● Search for scientific literature in Health and Safety.
● Search for literature in Environment.

Carbon Footprint

It is the study that reflects the environmental impact of a particular action/event. It is measured by carrying out an inventory of GHG emissions or life cycle analysis by type of imprint, following recognized international standards such as ISO 14064. The carbon footprint is measured in equivalent mass of CO2. It enables companies to understand and quantify the impact and generate action to minimize and/or neutralize either plantations or purchase of carbon credits.

Legal Area

● Management of fines and closures.
● Administrative Disclaimers.
● Judicial Expertise.
● Legal Compliance with Health, Safety and Environment.

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