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We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with extensive experience in counseling, training and resolution of technical and legal conflicts on Safety, Occupational Health and Environmental Management.

Our work philosophy is based on creating and maintaining a culture of Prevention, Safety and Environmental Care.

In this regard we believe that every organization is made up of individuals who, for each job directly or indirectly determine the results of the Safety Management and Environmental Management.

Our work aims to create values, an integrated vision and awareness to the whole organizational structure of the importance of their contribution to the management, showing the individual and collective benefits to achieve the objectives.

This type of work not only involves the enforcement of the legislation in different subjects but especially focuses the customer in our advisory and consulting, implementing a solution tailored to the needs of the organization.

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Commitment to challenges accepted and provide professional recommendations.
Suitability on the action and obtaining results, based on years of work in first-class organizations.
Independent judgment and opinion.
Respect for people and their ideas, whatever be our customers, suppliers or partners.
Be recognized as a guarantor for the implementation of an efficient management systems based on Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Environment.
To develop and promote on demand management systems, considering the needs of each client.
We focus on creating values, conscience, reverse habits, change customs, improve outcomes and meet the current legal requirements of Safety, Occupational Health and Environment.
Ensure the satisfaction of our customers, co-creating policies and operating procedures based on continuous improvement cycles that allow continued feedback.
A preventive awareness at all levels of the organization (Directors, Managers, Middle Management and Operative Base).
Generate an added value by fulfilling the reduce of accidents and thereby eliminate or reduce losses, such as people, economic, damage processes, facilities and the environment.

Corporate Social Responsability


We promote healthy life, sports and environmental care, that is why we support social and sports events.
We are sponsor of:

● Soccer Team FAFI Category 2006 of Club Pedro Echagüe
● Women's and Men's Handball Teams from the University of Buenos Aires (UBA)

Congratulations to the UBA Handball teams:

● Youth: third place in the 2019 Opening Tournament
● Minors: third place in the 2019 Closing Tournament
● Children: sub-champions of the 2019 Opening and Closing Tournaments!

Congratulations to the Echagüe Soccer team Cat.2006 for being the 2019 CAFIA Tournament Champions!

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